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Anti-Trump ads to soon air on Spanish-language radio stations in Northern Virginia

The anti-Trump ad set to air on four Spanish-language radio stations in Northern Virginia, with English subtitles. (Video: People for the American Way)

The progressive advocacy group People For the American Way will soon air ads on four Spanish-language radio stations in Northern Virginia that invoke Donald Trump in urging Hispanics to vote in local elections on Nov. 3.

The short radio ad features a Spanish-speaking mother telling her daughter that she must vote for Democrats.

"Oh, what for mom?" the young woman says, according to a script shared exclusively with The Washington Post. The mother replies: "What do you mean what for? For starters, to shut Trump's big mouth."

The mother then says she must vote to show she disagrees with what Trump has said about Hispanics and to protect government services like preschool, public education and affordable colleges.

Trump has repeatedly angered Latinos with his controversial comments on immigration, especially when he said several months ago that many illegal immigrants are criminals or rapists. Trump has also called for the mass deportation of millions of immigrants illegally living in the United States and the end of birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants.

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"That's why we have to vote for the Democrats -- and even more in local elections," the mother says. "Because Trump is not the only one. Republicans in Virginia have proposed tracking immigrants like packages and even compared us to rats!"

The daughter replies, "Unbelievable." The mother continues: "Yes. That’s why we have to vote for Democrats and say 'no' to Trump and the Republicans." The radio ad ends with the daughter saying: "Mom, you are right. We have to vote."

The ads are set to run on the Spanish-language stations WKDV-AM, WDCN-FM, WTNT-AM, and WBQH-AM for the next two weeks, ending on Election Day, Nov. 3. People For the American Way would not say how much money it spent on the ads, but said the ads would play at least 10 times per day on each station. The ads are part of the group's "Latinos Vote!" program.

Advocacy group officials say they hope the ads will push more Northern Virginians to vote in the District 29 state senate race -- an open seat in a swing district that could sway which party controls the state Senate. The Democrat running is Jeremy McPike, who oversees municipal building projects for Alexandria’s city government who has campaigned heavily on reducing commute traffic. The Republican candidate is Harry “Hal” Parrish, the mayor of Manassas who has firmly opposed Medicaid expansion and gun-control measures.

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“Virginia voters have the first opportunity in the country to push back against the immigrant bashing from Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole by turning out to vote against Republicans come Election Day 2015," Randy Borntrager, People For the American Way's political director, said in a statement.

Carlos A. Sanchez, the group's coordinator of political campaigns, added: “By highlighting in Spanish how local and national Republican politicians from [former Virginia gubernatorial candidate] Ken Cuccinelli to Donald Trump have demonized immigrants, our ad urges voters to stand up against them by going to the polls."