In an e-mail sent out on Tuesday morning, a Washington-based speakers firm told prospective hosts that Carly Fiorina, Republican candidate for president, is available for paid speaking engagements during her campaign.

Apparently, that was news to her campaign, which quickly knocked down the solicitation after it was first reported in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

Lisa McFadden of the Leading Authorities speaking firm emphasized that the contents of her e-mail were "private." The message noted that Fiorina isn't being advertised on the Leading Authorities Web site, but between her busy campaign schedule, she has "limited availability for speaking arrangements." The firm would also be happy to send more details about Fiorina's availability and fees, it said.

"We didn't approve the e-mail so we're not sure why the e-mail went out," Fiorina spokeswoman Anna Epstein said. "We aren't accepting paid speeches."

The e-mail touts Fiorina's presentation as a "common-sense, solutions-oriented, and optimistic look at what Washington can learn from corporate America and how we can fix our current political climate."

"Our clients have said that she is fabulous and incredibly accommodating," it gushes.

Leading Authorities did not respond to a request for comment from The Washington Post, but the organization's chief operating officer told the Wall Street Journal that the message was intended for a "small, targeted audience."

"There’s a number of people that we work with who are happy to entertain speaking engagements but aren’t, for whatever reason, being publicly promoted,” Jones said. “It’s not at all uncommon that they continue to do this while they run."

Fiorina and her husband, Frank, have a net worth of $59 million.