To this point, voters have seen a lot of Jane O'Meara Sanders but not heard much. She often travels with her husband, and when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) takes the stage at political rallies, she walks out with him, parting ways before he speaks.

As the first Democratic presidential nominating contests approach, however, Jane Sanders’s voice is likely to be more in the mix, as her husband’s campaign seeks to share more about a candidate who doesn’t like to talk very much about himself.

That dynamic was on display Monday as the candidate’s wife of 27 years appeared on Bloomberg television’s “With All Due Respect.” Among other things, she talked about Sanders teaching his grandchildren to play chess, soccer and baseball.

“That’s something your viewers wouldn’t know, but that’s always been something that happens every time he’s home,” Sanders told hosts Mark Halperin and John Heilemann.

Sanders, a former college president in Vermont and longtime sounding board for her husband, is planning to do more such interviews in coming weeks, aides to the campaign say.

As of late, she’s been more visible in other ways as well. During an interview of her husband Monday on “The View,” for example, she was seated in the audience and introduced on camera. And she could be seen alongside the senator on stage at the end of the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in Iowa over the weekend.

On Bloomberg, Sanders relayed how she met her future husband while he was running for mayor of Burlington, Vt., in 1981, a stretch when she was working as a community organizer.

“I just immediately fell in love with his ideas and shortly thereafter fell in love with him,” said Sanders, who also shared that she loves the Grateful Dead and camped out in the mud at Woodstock in 1969.

To this day, Bernie Sanders would prefer to talk more about his ideas than himself, his wife said, adding that she has urged him to let voters get to know more about him.

“I think he has limited amount of time to talk about the issues that are so important and that's why he's running for president,” she said. “Not because he's a wonderful person or a loving father or grandfather, that he loves to have fun, loves music. But hopefully they will get to see more of that as time goes on."