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Cruz super PAC releases radio ads; one boasts about Boehner attack

A super PAC supporting Cruz has released new radio ads. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)
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A super PAC supporting Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) has released a slate of new radio ads, including one boasting that former House Speaker John Boehner had some unkind things to say about the Texas Republican.

Keep the Promise I, a super PAC bankrolled by hedge fund multimillionaire Robert Mercer, added eight ads to a million-dollar radio buy. The spots will play nationally and on local stations in Iowa and South Carolina, two early voting states. The super PAC said they are on faith-based radio networks and will play during conservative talk shows, including "The Rush Limbaugh Show" and Laura Ingraham.

"A significant number of voters have yet to make up their mind about their choice for the Republican nominee. We are here to tell them that Senator Ted Cruz is the best choice - that he holds their values, that he has a winning record of fighting for the freedoms voters care about, and that he won't betray us,” said Kellyanne Conway., president of the super PAC.

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The release comes a day after Politico reported that campaign officials were grousing that its super PACs hadn't locked in or released ads in early states.

The ads are in line with themes that Cruz has used on the campaign trail: that he is a proven fighter who voters can trust. "That's the Ted Cruz I know and trust," the ads say.

The Texas Republican talks about his tangles with Republican leadership in Congress on the campaign trail as a badge of honor, using them to illustrate his assertions that he has fought Washington and is an insurgent. One of the ads boasts about Boehner cursing about Cruz.

A woman narrating the ad who said she has two children said that Boehner "attacked Ted Cruz, referring to him as a pain in the you know what because of his bold actions fighting to keep the promises he made to me."

Cruz is assiduously courting the evangelical Christian vote, which is large in Iowa and South Carolina, and two ads - one that is 60 seconds long, another 30 - talk about victorious court cases Cruz was involved in that defended religious liberty.

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"Some candidates talk about religious freedom. Only one has fought for it," the ad said. Other ads refer to cases and instances where Cruz has fought for Second Amendment rights.

The Texas Republican is also working to court women to his campaign. In the Republican debate last week Cruz expressed sympathy for working women, saying that single mothers get hammered by the government. He often speaks of his family on the campaign trail, including his mother, who was a single mom for a period of time, and his sister, who was as well. Cruz has been going to meetings of Republican women activists and dispatching his wife Heidi on the campaign trail.

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Two of the spots, one 60 seconds and another 30 seconds, are about single mothers, and in both the women talk about guns. In one, a woman talks about her children.

"The gun I own stands between us and any harm that might come our way when we’re at home at night and all alone. It gives me comfort and security, my gun, and it might just save our lives," the ad said.

correction: this post incorrectly referred to John Boehner as the former House Majority Leader. He was the former House Speaker.