Hillary Clinton said on Live! with Kelly and Michael that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's notorious insults verge on "bullying."

Clinton credited the businessman for having a reality TV sensibility. "He's a great showman," she said on Thursday morning.

But she noted that Trump's comments are sometimes targeted at specific groups of people -- including women.

"Sometimes he verges on bullying, which bothers me," Clinton said. "He'll go after certain groups of people. He'll go after women."

"It kind of crosses the line sometimes. So it's no longer, to my ear, it's no longer funny, it's offensive," she added.

If there was any question about what kinds of comments Clinton was referring to, she cleared it up momentarily. Clinton noted that at a recent rally in Texas, a man stared at her hair and asked her "is that a wig?"

It might have been a reference to headline-making comments from Trump last week, who appeared on a conservative radio show and seemed to agree with the host who floated the idea that Clinton's "new" hairdo was a wig.

"I’ll tell you what. It really was shocking to see it. Because, you’re right, it was massive. Her hair became massive,” Trump said.

Clinton said she told the man at the rally, "No really it isn't! I promise you it isn't."

"Some days I feel like saying, 'Would I have paid for this?'" she said, with a laugh.

As for Trump, Clinton said that if she did face the Republican in a general election, she'd be "pleased" on at least one level.

"I would not be the only person whose hair style was a topic of conversation,"Clinton said.