Since Hillary Clinton launched her political career in 2000, supporters have contributed $455 million to finance her campaigns and allied PACs, according to a Washington Post project to map the Clinton donor network.

Her current White House bid has been backed by three super PACs, which can accept unlimited donations from individuals and corporations. Contributors who made seven-figure donations to those groups now top the list of her biggest lifetime political supporters. Among them are major players on Wall Street, Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

Here are Hillary Clinton's 20 most generous backers and the amounts they have given just to support her races:

1. Haim and Cheryl Saban; media executive and women's advocate/author – $2,046,600

2. Barbara F. Lee, women's advocate/philanthropist – $1,120,919 

3. Plumbers & Pipefitters Union, labor union – $1,092,400

4. George Soros, hedge fund executive – $1,064,200

5. Stephen Silberstein, co-founded software company Innovative Interfaces – $1,049,000

6. Jeffrey and Marilyn Katzenberg; DreamWorks Animation chief executive and philanthropist – $1,034,500

7. S. Donald Sussman, hedge fund executive – $1,031,900

8. Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw; film director and actor – $1,027,000

9. J.J. Abrams and Katie McGrath; television producer and chief strategy officer – $1,012,350

10. Fair Share Action, Denver-based advocacy group – $1,005,000

11. Herbert and Marion Sandler; former savings and loan executives – $1,002,700

12. David and Beth Shaw; hedge fund executive and author – $828,400

13. Patricia Stryker; liberal activist and philanthropist – $755,000

14. Mark Heising and Elizabeth Simons; private-equity executive and philanthropist – $522,300

15. John and Marcia Goldman; philanthropists – $509,400

16. Roger Altman and Jurate Kazickas; investment banker and former journalist – $300,600

17. Marc and Jane Nathanson; investor and family therapist – $272,600

18. James and Alexis Pugh; construction executive and advertising consultant – $270,800

19. Morgan Carrington Jr. and Amy Fowler; agriculturalist and author – $266,516

20. Barrett Toan and Polly O'Brien; former health-care executive and philanthropist – $256,600