KEOTA, IOWA-- After coming under fire for claiming that Islamic State fighters are using videos of comments made by GOP front-runner Donald Trump about Muslims to recruit fighters, Hillary Clinton appeared to adjust her claims during an appearance in Keota, Iowa on Tuesday.

Fact checkers said there was no public evidence to support the comments Clinton made during the Democratic debate on Saturday.

On Tuesday, in her first post-debate appearance, Clinton appeared to tweak the claim. She now says that Trump videos are being played on Arabic television and are helping to bolster the propaganda of the Islamic State on social media.

"If you go on Arabic television, as we have, and you look at what is being blasted out  -- video of Mr Trump being translated to Arabic," Clinton said at a town hall in a high school gymnasium here. "'No Muslims coming to the United States,' other kinds of derogatory, defamatory statements -- it is playing into the hands of the violent jihadists."

Trump's comments, Clinton added, "lights an even bigger fire for them to make their propaganda claims through social media and in other ways."

Trump responded strongly to Clinton's debate statements over the weekend, calling her a "liar."

"It’s just another Hillary lie,” Trump said on NBC News’s “Meet the Press on Sunday. "She’s a liar and everybody knows that.”

Clinton had long said on the campaign trail that Trump's comments play into the hands of violent jihadists. But her deviation from that standard line during the debate prompted questions about what proof she had that Trump had become part of the Islamic State's propaganda material.

"They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists," Clinton said at the debate.

On Tuesday, Clinton didn't repeat that claim but she also didn't back down from characterizing Trump's remarks as being a potential tool of terrorists.

"What you're hearing from some of the Republicans most particularly Mr. Trump about Muslims is not only dangerous, it's shameful," Clinton said. "It's not the kind of language somebody running for president of the United States should be using."