Donald Trump said on Tuesday that his past support for Bill and Hillary Clinton were part of his efforts to be a good businessman, and he pledged to continue attacks on the former president over his extramarital affairs as long as Hillary Clinton continues to accuse him of sexism.

Asked by reporters Tuesday how he would explain his past campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton and his apparent overtures toward the first couple, Trump said that he was simply doing what is best for his businesses.

"As a world-class businessman, you have to get along with everybody," Trump told reports aboard his plane minutes before his scheduled event in Council Bluffs, Iowa. "I was able to get along with Clinton, I was able to get along with virtually every politician you can imagine."

"When I went to Washington and I needed something, I got it," he added.

Trump invited Bill and Hillary Clinton to his wedding in 2005 and has also said in the past that Clinton was his favorite living former president.

"As a businessman, especially a really successful businessman, it was my obligation to really get along with people: Democrats, Republicans, everybody," Trump said. "I had an obligation to my company and my employees and my family."

Trump has recently stepped up his attacks on both Clintons, but has focused his effort on highlighting Bill Clinton's past affairs. Trump tweeted on Monday that Clinton had a "terrible record of women abuse."  The comments come as the former president is expected to begin campaigning in earnest for his wife next week.

Trump said on Tuesday that if Clinton continues to accuse him of sexism, he intends to turn the attack back on her.

"She's got a major problem, it happens to be right in her house," Trump said. "If she wants to do that we're going to go right after the president, the ex-president, and we'll see how it all comes out."