Hillary Clinton communications aide-de-camp Philippe Reines does not lack a sense of humor. Or an ego.

Both were on display in an email sent to senior Clinton aides in July 2012 that describes, only half in jest, who should ride win the limousine or van with the secretary of state under certain circumstances. On trips where the local ambassador was "tolerable," for example, that person could get a seat.

"We know it's tough to figure out who should jump in the car with the Secretary. So I've created this flowchart to help you make that determination," Reines wrote.

Close Clinton personal aide Huma Abedin always got a seat when she traveled with the boss. For most others, Reines had a question or caveat before that person would be included. Of course, he was not the ultimate arbiter of coveted limo seats -- indeed, he was fairly low on the staff food chain as he jokingly noted at the bottom of his flow chart.

He listed himself last, with caveats for when he would be "invited" to join the secretary.

If he was "Presumptuously Already In," Reines suggested, he should stay. "Chutzpah!" he wrote.

Senior foreign policy adviser Jake Sullivan forwarded the flow chart to Clinton with the note "see below."

"I did NOT/NOT receive sufficient appreciation for the below. Only Jake reacted. It took HOURS to get the formatting right. Literally hours to ensure it would work on every size font. Without positive reinforcement I'm not sure I can continue to really invest myself in these missives/diatribes," Reines wrote later, to the same close circle of aides.