The latest release of Hillary Clinton's State Department emails -- sent during her time as secretary of state from an account stored on a private email server, and released by the department over the past several months -- includes a Feb. 27, 2011, message in which Clinton was forwarded an email from someone named John Godfrey. An aide described Godfrey to Clinton as "one of our most knowledgeable officers on Libya." Godfrey's email included a lengthy analysis of a post-Gaddafi Libya, including a section that State Department reviewers withheld from public release due to their assessment that it includes classified information.

"Who does he work for now?" asked Clinton, in an email released Friday. "Us," responded close aide Jake Sullivan. There was a widespread expectation that State Department officials would use their official government accounts to conduct public business -- an expectation apparently held by the secretary of state herself: "I was surprised that he used a personal account if he is at State."

The email exchange below: