PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that it was a “total disgrace” that four American have been held prisoners by Iran for so long before their announced release on Saturday.

“I'm happy they're coming back, but I will tell you it's a disgrace they have been there for so long," Trump told a crowd of about 500 people here in Portsmouth. "It's a disgrace. Remember that. A total disgrace.”

“This should have been done three or four years ago when the deal was struck. Before the deal was made …they should have said: ‘We want our prisoners back,’” Trump told the crowd, referring to the Iranian nuclear deal brokered by the Obama administration and backed by six world powers.

Trump added that he had yet to see the details of the prisoner swap, which was confirmed Saturday morning, but he indicated that he did not agree with the decision to swap seven Iranian prisoners for four American prisoners. He accused the Obama administration of further capitulating to Iranian demands by giving them $150 billion.

“So essentially they get $150 billion plus seven and we get four. Doesn’t sound too good. Doesn’t sound too good,” Trump said.

That sum is part of a sanction relief package included in the nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers, which will be implemented imminently.

Trump railed against Iran, raising questions about their commitment to peace and the administration's grasp of the situation. Referring to the high-profile temporary detention of ten U.S Navy sailors by Iranian military officials earlier this week, Trump panned the country for its response.

“I don’t know what happened, I guess it sounded like they took a little shortcut through a big body of water. Okay, big deal. And they got locked in and they dropped to their knees in a begging position. Hands up, guns to their heads,” Trump said, describing photos showing the sailors surrendering to Iranians.

“And this is supposed to be our ally?” he added.