As a general rule of thumb, tying tattoos to current events is a risky proposition. For every Jason Terry -- who tattooed a championship trophy on his bicep months before the Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 championship -- there are fans with incorrect inked predictions staining their skin.

Tattooing portraits of presidents is also a thing people do. You only have to run a quick image search to find hundreds of President Obama tattoos, with varying attention to detail. It's less common, however, to find tattoos of presidential candidates. There just aren't that many tattoos of Al Gore or John McCain out there. At least based on my 12-second Google search.

But that didn't deter 33-year-old Justin Smith, a campaign volunteer for Hillary Clinton. Smith explained that Clinton had been his "hero for 23 years," in between answering phones at the Hillary for 2016 campaign headquarters in Charleston, S.C.

But what if she loses the general election, or fails to win the nomination? Smith isn't worried. "Win, lose or draw, she will always be my hero," Smith said.