With candidates vying neck-and-neck for support in Iowa, the Post's David Weigel walks through what it will take to win the Iowa Caucuses. (Alice Li/The Washington Post)

Would you like to know the worst way to follow an election night? It's easy: Turn on TV, watch anchors read off the live numbers being fed to them, and wait for the state map to change color.

How about the best way? That's easier: Watch "How to Win Iowa," the first in a series we're producing from all over the key states. In the debut episode we'll take you from the conservative enclaves of northwest Iowa to the suburbs of Des Moines to the campuses that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is trying to transform into vote-generating machines. You'll hear from candidates, local politicians, and voters. You will not make fun of their accents. When it's over -- and when you combine this with the rest of The Washington Post's reporting -- you'll know exactly what matters in the final days before the caucuses.