IOWA CITY — Bernie Sanders held a star-studded rally, his largest yet, at the University of Iowa on Saturday. The Washington Post captured the scene in 360 video. Watch it above and pan the crowd by moving your cursor over the screen. Open the video in your YouTube app to watch on mobile.

Thousands of students hoped to catch a glimpse of the Vermont senator and the line-up of indie rock bands, movie stars and comedians stumping for the Sanders campaign. With lines snaking around the arena, hundreds were turned away on the fire marshal's order when the venue reached its maximum capacity of 3,800 (the Sanders campaign put the number at 5,000).

Sanders ended the night with a simple message -- turn out to caucus -- and a musical performance. The candidate took to the stage with the front man of the indie rock group Vampire Weekend to sing a rendition of Woodie Guthrie’s "This Land is Your Land." The senator’s voice was drowned out by the thousands who joined in.