Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, accompanied by her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, speaks to Iowa voters at HyVee Hall in Des Moines on Jan. 30. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

DES MOINES — Hillary Clinton beamed Sunday as her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, gave an "unapologetically, unabashedly biased" endorsement of her mother's skills both as a grandparent and a potential president.

"I stand here as a really proud daughter," Chelsea Clinton said at a rally in Sioux City, one day before Iowa Democrats vote in the state's caucuses.

The crowd cooed and Hillary Clinton glowed as Chelsea Clinton noted that she is pregnant for a second time.

"I hope my 16-month-old daughter, Charlotte, and her future little brother or little sister feel the same way about me that I feel about my mom someday," she said.

Chelsea Clinton is joining both her parents for the final weekend of campaigning before the caucus vote. Former president Bill Clinton has been campaigning across Iowa for days.

"This is the most important election of my lifetime, to be the first presidential election I will vote in as a mom," Chelsea Clinton said. "It just has so much more importance to me. Whoever we elect as president will have a role in shaping the world that my children will grow up in."

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told an Iowa audience how she differs with Bernie Sanders on banks and health care. (Reuters)

As Hillary Clinton does frequently in this second campaign for the White House, Chelsea Clinton invoked both her mother's long résumé and her relatively recent qualifications as a grandmother.

"I could not imagine a better grandmother for my children, but I also couldn't imagine a better president."

With that, a delighted and equally adoring Hillary Clinton told the crowd that she had gotten a grandmother fix this weekend because baby Charlotte made the trip to Iowa with Chelsea. The toddler has yet to be seen on the campaign trail or in any public photos since her grandparents released photos of her as a newborn in the hospital.