Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks during a campaign stop at New England College, in Henniker, N.H. on Feb. 2. (Jim Cole/AP)

This item has been updated.

HENNIKER, N.H. -- Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is buying two-minute chunks of air time in New Hampshire to air his sharpest attack ad yet against his GOP rival Donald Trump.

Bush has allotted roughly $4.5 million to spend on advertising in the Granite State, with most of that time coming in the next seven days. He's run several 30-second spots in recent weeks that emotionally recount his daughter's history with prescription drug abuse or attack Trump for his comments.

But the new message tries to scoop them up and pitch them to viewers all at once. It will air mostly during newscasts and for the first time on Wednesday morning during WMUR-TV's morning news, according to campaign officials.

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush posted a campaign on YouTube urging voters to "turn off" Donald Trump. (Jeb Bush)

With a horror movie-like soundtrack, the ad recaps Trump's controversial comments about how he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. in Manhattan and maintain his political support. There's also footage of his comments about prisoners of war, a disabled New York Times reporter and women, including comments he made about the appearance of GOP presidential contender Carly Fiorina. There's also news footage and articles recapping his most notable comments.

"Donald Trump has a woman problem," Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly says. The Weekly Standard's William Kristol is seen saying Trump showed "a total lack of respect" for prisoners of war.

Cut to Bush, who gives some sunnier closing thoughts as a new, soaring soundtrack begins.

"I'm sick and tired of politicians that find ways to disparage people to make themselves look strong. It is not strong to insult women. It is not a sign of strength -- it is not a sign of strength -- when you say that a POW is a loser because they got caught. John McCain is a hero," Bush says. "It is not a sign of strength disparaging the disabled in this country. It is not, it is a sign of deep insecurity and weakness."

On the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Bush dismissed Trump as "gifted beyond belief when he promotes himself. And when he insults others, he pushes people down, whether you’re Hispanic or a woman or a veteran or a POW or a disabled person, he’s extraordinary of making fun of others to make himself look strong."

But Trump still holds a commanding lead with Bush stuck farther back. Bush aides said Tuesday that they're locked in a "dog fight" with other "establishment" rivals in hopes of finishing close behind Trump.

Editor's Note: This item has been updated to reflect the actual ad Bush plans to air. Initially, campaign aides sent an incorrect version of the message.