NASHUA, N.H. — Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders delivered a 40-minute speech Monday at his first campaign rally of the day that was remarkable for what it didn’t include: any mention of Hillary Clinton.

Sanders, who enjoys a sizable lead in the polls heading into Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary, stuck to a familiar script that included decrying the political influence of the “billionaire class” and a litany of policy prescriptions for helping working families.

His appearance here — the first of four planned New Hampshire stops on Monday — comes as Clinton and her surrogates, including Bill Clinton, have been ramping up criticism of Sanders on many fronts. Campaigning for his wife Sunday, the former president accused Sanders of selling pipe dreams to supporters and being hypocritical on campaign finance issues, among other things.

Sanders has taken several jabs at Hillary Clinton in recent days, taking issue with her acceptance of speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and sharply questioning her vote for the Iraq war when she was a senator from New York.

But here on Monday, the Vermont senator mentioned none of that as he asked voters “to join with us in making that political revolution.”

Sanders plugged his plans for moving to a single-payer health-care system, making tuition free at public colleges and universities, breaking up the big banks and hiring more educators to bolster the country’s “dysfunctional” child-care system to help “the littlest and youngest Americans.”

Sanders also has rallies scheduled Monday in Manchester and Derry before traveling to the University of New Hampshire for a concert being put on by his campaign. The event is expected to highlight Sanders’s support among young voters.