Top Democrats allied with Hillary Clinton have quietly formed a $25 million nonprofit organization aimed at boosting the turnout of African American and Latino voters, two constituencies key to her presidential bid.

The group, called Every Citizen Counts, is being advised by Guy Cecil, who also serves as the chief strategist for the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action, as the Associated Press first reported.

Cecil said the organization has no connection to the super PAC and will not get involved in the Democratic primary.

"ECC is a nonpartisan effort focused on voter protection, access and registration," he said. "It will not be engaged in any primary activity and will be involved in this work long after 2016."

"This is critically important work," Cecil added. "I've cared about this dating back to 2002 when I fought efforts to intimidate voters in Pine Bluff during early voting." That year, Democrats accused Republicans in Pine Bluff, Ark., of seeking to prevent black voters from casting their ballots by asking for their identification and snapping photos of them.

As a tax-exempt "social welfare" organization, Every Citizen Counts can accept unlimited donations from both individuals and corporations.

Among the prominent Democrats expected to be involved in the organization is Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, a top Clinton supporter.

The group plans to challenge Republican-backed state laws limiting early voting and same-day registration and work to boost voter registration in African American and Latino communities.