LAS VEGAS -- Like a faucet releasing a few last drops of water, a political ad campaign doesn't just turn off. This morning, during the Pacific Time airing of "Fox and Friends," Nevada TV watchers saw an ad that had stopped being relevant 12 hours earlier. "Same Resume," from the pro-Jeb Bush super PAC Right to Rise USA, was the last and most direct in a series of attacks on Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio's foreign policy experience, describing a senator with a thin résumé and revealing it to be ... Barack Obama.

It was part of an ad buy in Nevada that RTRUSA made this month, gearing up for an unpredictable caucus that Bush had hoped to perform well in. He'd opened two campaign offices, announced chairs in every county and won the backing of Nevada's Republican Sen. Dean Heller. Before the polls closed in South Carolina, he even announced campaign stops in the first Western caucus state.

Nothing about that was paying off. The campaign stops have been scrapped; the ads designed to bring down Rubio will end soon enough.

"We've ordered stations to stop and pull as much as they can but a few may run today," said RTRUSA spokesman Paul Lindsay.

In an average of the few Nevada polls conducted this year, Donald Trump leads by 22 points over Rubio and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). Before suspending his campaign, Bush trailed all rivals with 3 percent support.