The campaign trail has taken Hillary Clinton through coffee shops and bakeries, diners and ice cream parlors, stands at state fairs where they fry things that shouldn't be fried. And, Friday, it took her to a bachelor party.

Joe Schreck and his 10 groomsmen were toasting Schreck ahead of his wedding with a round of Bloody Marys when Clinton and her entourage swooped into Saffron, a cafe and bar in Charleston, S.C.

They asked her for a photo — all 11 of them. When Clinton realized she was in the middle of a pre-wedding party, she exclaimed: “He’s getting married today! That’s pretty exciting.”

Clinton’s personal photographer asked the men to pose, arranging them to Clinton’s left and right. The photographer, Barb Kinney, playfully suggested that a few of them kneel around Clinton — just as they would do later around the bride. This happened.

“I love having men at my feet,” Clinton said, laughing, as Kinney and the men all took photos.

“This is exciting,” she said.

“This is cool,” one man agreed.

“That looks like a really good Bloody Mary,” she said, pointing to one of the men’s drinks.

Schreck invited Clinton to his wedding. She said she wished she could attend, but declined politely.

Schreck is from Atlanta, but the wedding was in Charleston. He said he is still undecided about who he will vote for, but is a big fan of Clinton. Especially now.

South Carolina’s primary is Saturday; Georgia’s is Tuesday.

Asked what his fiancee will say about his surprise bachelor party guest, Schreck replied, “She’ll love it!”