Sen. Ted Cruz, responding to a question about violence at Donald Trump rallies, said on Friday that a candidate has the responsibility of setting the tone for his or her campaign.

"There’s no doubt that a candidate bears responsibility for the culture that is set from the top," Cruz said on the Hugh Hewitt Show. Hewitt asked Cruz if he has ever witnessed a violent incident at his rallies and made reference to a former Jeb Bush spokesman stating that there is a "culture of violence" surrounding Trump's campaign.

Trump canceled a rally in Chicago Friday over what his campaign said were security concerns. Thousands of protesters gathered inside and outside the event.

Cruz said the view of a campaign comes from how a candidate views the voters.

"Donald demands of the voters that they stand up and pledge their allegiance to him, pledge that they would vote for him. As I mentioned last night, I think that gets it exactly backwards," Cruz said.

"You know, kings and queens demand of their subjects that they pledge allegiance to them, but in America, we don’t pledge allegiance to men. We pledge allegiance to the flag. We pledge allegiance to the Constitution. But we don’t pledge allegiance to men," Cruz said.