Priorities USA, the largest pro-Clinton super PAC, has waded into the general election with its first direct response to an attack on Clinton by Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

In a cheeky video released Thursday, the group altered a video that Trump released the day before. Trump's video made fun of Clinton for imitating a barking dog during a talk with voters last month and implied that as president she would do little more than yip at the Islamic State militant group or Russian President Vladimir Putin. It ends with Putin laughing.

The Priorities USA version makes fun of Trump for saying he is his own best adviser in preparing to be president: "I have a very good brain and I've said a lot of things," he said. The video closes with Clinton laughing. In both versions, the phrase "we don't need to be a punchline" appears on the screen.

"Hey Trump, we fixed your ad for you," Priorities USA spokesman Justin Barasky joked about the super PAC's ad in an emailed statement. "While the mess of a GOP nomination fight continues it's hard to argue after last Tuesday that Donald Trump isn't the front-runner and Priorities USA isn't going to commit the same political malpractice that the Republicans did and allow his attacks to go unanswered."