Vice President Biden visited the Belgian Embassy in Washington on Wednesday, offering condolences a day after a series of terrorist attacks killed at least 31 people in Brussels.

Biden, accompanied by wife, Jill, signed a condolence book in honor of the victims, and the vice president pledged full U.S. support for the Belgian investigation into the bombings claimed by the Islamic State militant group.

"They will prevail," Biden said of the Belgians during brief, impromptu remarks to reporters. "We have to remember the incredible courage of the Belgian people during World War II. The incredible stamina. Nothing’s changed. But on behalf of the president, I can say we are prepared to provide any and all information, capability, technology, anything we have that can be value added to their fight. They will prevail. They have backbones like ramrods, man. They’re going to school. They're not letting the terrorists win."

Turning to face Belgian Ambassador Johan Verbeke, Biden added of the terrorists: "What they really want is to change the way we live, and you’re never going to let that happen."

Biden visited the embassy as President Obama was in Buenos Aires, on the second leg of a five-day trip to Cuba and Argentina. Obama spoke briefly Tuesday about the terrorist attacks during an address in Havana.

The vice president also spoke about the terrorist attacks during a phone call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday evening.