Ted Cruz speaks to supporters during a rally at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts on March 29 in Brookfield, Wis. (Tom Lynn/AP)

MILWAUKEE — Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz on March 29 upbraided Donald Trump for what he called an "abusive culture" in the mogul's campaign after Trump's campaign manager was charged with battery.

"It's a very sad development," Cruz told reporters outside a restaurant here. "This the consequence of the culture of the Trump campaign. The abusive culture. When you have a campaign that is built on personal insults, on attacks, and now physical violence. That has no place in a political campaign."

The Texas senator said the charge Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski faces — stemming from allegedly grabbing and yanking the arm of a reporter — helps "clarify for the voters what the Trump campaign is all about."

Cruz sought a contrast with Trump, asserting that he is trying to focus on a "positive, optimistic, conservative agenda."

Earlier in the day, Cruz reiterated his desire for a one-on-one debate with Trump. Trump has swatted down the idea on social media.