NEW YORK — Real estate mogul Donald Trump has galvanized millions of Americans across the country to cast ballots on his behalf with his anti-establishment, populist message. His family and friends? Well, that’s a different story.

Michael Cohen, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to the billionaire, on Thursday railed against the Republican National Committee during an interview on CNN, accusing party leaders of rigging the system instead of unifying behind Trump.

But it turns out that Cohen, by his own admission, is in fact a registered Democrat and won’t be voting for Trump in Tuesday’s New York primary.

“Well, I think Reince Priebus has an obligation not just to the RNC but really to the American people. …. He's supposed to keep the Republican Party unified. That's what his job really is,” Cohen told CNN Thursday. “And he's not doing that, and he's doing a terrible job at it. Do I personally, as a voter, as a supporter of Mr. Trump, believe that the process is rigged? I do. I think that the ... establishment does not want Mr. Trump to be the nominee.”

"Me, personally, I'm actually a registered Democrat. So I don't really care about Reince Priebus,” Cohen said.

Cohen’s admission, which was sharply mocked on social media, came after Trump’s grown children Ivanka, 34, and Eric, 32, revealed they had not registered as Republicans and therefore cannot vote for their father on Tuesday either.

CNN's Kate Bolduan and John Berman, who were interviewing Cohen, were visibly taken aback when Cohen revealed he is a Democrat.

"You're not voting for Donald Trump?" Bolduan asked, surprised.

“You can't vote? Can you vote? You can't vote? ... So his kids can't vote, and you can't vote in the primary tomorrow?” Berman fired off.

“I'd like to be one of his children. I'd like to be one of them, but no, I'm not voting in the primary. I'm a registered Democrat,” Cohen responded.

"Man, he's losing votes from his family and the people who work for him," Berman said.

Tough crowd.