The leading anti-Trump group, Our Principles PAC, circulated a memorandum Thursday to its top donors that outlines its view of the GOP presidential race, declaring that Donald Trump “still has a nearly impossible path” to the Republican nomination in spite of his commanding victory in the New York primary on Tuesday.

The three-page document, which was obtained by The Washington Post and confirmed by the super PAC, is the latest example of Trump critics trying to rally donors to their cause as the billionaire mogul continues to lead polls and rack up delegates.

It also serves as a counter to a recent Trump campaign list of talking points for surrogates, first reported by The Washington Post, that asserted that Trump will accumulate more than 1,400 delegates and secure the nomination on the first round of balloting at the party’s Cleveland convention.

In its Thursday analysis, Our Principles PAC calls the Trump campaign’s prediction “detached from reality.”

“In order to secure 1,400 delegates, he would have to win 82% of all remaining delegates, a task simply not possible for him or any candidate at this stage in the process,” the memorandum states. It goes on to detail how Trump faces many obstacles and that “there are dozens of viable and plausible outcomes that will leave Trump well short of the required 1,237 delegates.”

Looking ahead to the five primaries in the Northeast on April 26, sometimes called the "Acela Primary," Our Principles PAC concedes that Trump is likely to have sweeping victories: “… our planning assumes Trump can win nearly all of the bound delegates without improving his very slim chances.”

Our Principles PAC released an ad attacking Donald Trump on March 14, accusing the Republican presidential front-runner of being sexist. (YouTube/Our Principles PAC)

The memorandum concludes with a pledge to continue to “educate voters” about Trump’s past positions and his “embarrassing professional and personal record.” Nothing about the group’s ad buys or strategy in upcoming states is revealed. But there is a nod to patience.

“So, what’s next? Millions of Republican voters in 15 states will head to the polls on 6 different election days over the next 46 days and decide whether or not they want to put Trump in charge of the party of Lincoln and Reagan, and in the process hand the Presidency to another Clinton and put the Senate back under liberal Democratic control.”

Two Republican donors who work with Our Principles PAC told the Post that the super PAC is hosting fundraisers and meetings around the country in the coming days, including one gathering next Tuesday in Boston.