On Wednesday night, George Zimmerman attempted to auction off the gun he used to kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012. In the process, he inserted himself in the 2016 presidential race by claiming that the proceeds of the sale would benefit an effort to defeat "Hillary Clinton’s anti-firearm rhetoric."

The gun sale attempt is yet another in a long string of controversies that have followed the Florida man since his 2013 acquittal on charges stemming from the killing. And condemnation from an attorney representing Martin's family came swiftly.

On Thursday, Clinton herself tweeted words of support to Sybrina Fulton, Martin's mother, who has endorsed her and campaigned on Clinton's behalf in the Democratic presidential primary.

"Sybrina, you and all mothers of gun violence victims have taught us hate will never win. Thinking of you today," Clinton wrote in a tweet signed with an "H," which signifies that it was personally written by the former secretary of state. The tweet also included a link to the donation page for the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Clinton has campaigned strenuously on a platform of stronger gun-control laws. In particular, Fulton and a group of African American mothers whose children were killed by gun violence have become her key surrogates on this issue.

Zimmerman did not mention Trump specifically in his listing, but it didn't take long for Clinton supporters to link the two together.

On a conference call with reporters Thursday, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, who is a Clinton supporter and has been rumored to be under consideration for her vice president, was asked about Zimmerman's comments.

Perez is intimately familiar with the Zimmerman case because as a Justice Department's assistant attorney general for the civil rights division, he was charged with leading the investigation of whether federal civil rights charges would be brought against the neighborhood watchman.

"It wouldn’t surprise me that George Zimmerman wanted to be on [GOP front-runner] Donald Trump’s side because they share the same values," Perez said. "Clinton has been standing up for common-sense gun safety laws for quite some time and she continues to do that."