Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton maintained her edge over Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont after all votes were counted in Kentucky, according to the results posted online by the Kentucky Secretary of State's office.

The razor-thin lead of fewer than 2,000 votes will not be certified by the State Board of Elections until May 31.

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign said Tuesday night that they would evaluate the results and make a final decision on whether to seek a recount of the results on Wednesday. So far, Michael Briggs, a spokesman for the Sanders campaign, has not said whether they have finalized their decision.

According to Bradford Queen, a spokesman for the Kentucky Secretary of State's office, Sanders would have until Tuesday at 4 p.m. to request a recanvass of the results, which would be granted at no cost. Sanders could also petition for a recount of the ballots in Kentucky's courts, but would have to pay a fee to cover the costs if the petition was granted.

According to Queen, recounts are far more rare in Kentucky statewide elections than recanvasses: "I can't tell you the last time we've seen a recount for Kentucky."

The race was deemed too close to call late Tuesday night, although Clinton claimed victory with most of the results in, believing that most of the remaining ballots would favor her.

At a rally Tuesday night, a defiant Sanders did not concede the race but emphasized that he would likely take home an even split of the delegates after Kentucky's primary.

Kentucky's secretary of state, Alison Lundergan Grimes, is a longtime Clinton supporter. She told CNN on Tuesday night that she believed the results would "remain in the win column for Clinton."

The comment set off a series of tweets from Republican Donald Trump, who questioned why Lundergan Grimes had declared Clinton the  winner even though the Associated Press had not called the race.

"Bernie Sanders is being treated very badly by the Democrats — the system is rigged against him," Trump tweeted. "Many of his disenfranchised fans are for me!"