At a rally in Las Vegas, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton looked to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) supporters for help saying "the only thing standing between Donald Trump and the oval office, is all of us." (Reuters)

LAS VEGAS — Hillary Clinton campaigned in Nevada — a general election battleground state — on Thursday and called for unity in the Democratic Party.

Speaking at the United Food and Commercial Workers conference in Las Vegas, Clinton noted that the Democratic primary against Sen. Bernie Sanders was coming to “the end.” And warned that Democrats must come together in order to stop Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee, from becoming president.

“I applaud Senator Sanders and his supporters for challenging us to get unaccountable money out of politics and take on the crisis of income inequality,” Clinton said. “I look forward to coming together to unify our party to stop Donald Trump and move our country forward because there’s much more that unites us than divides us.”

“We are going up against a candidate who will say anything, do anything to take us backward on every issue and value we care about,” Clinton added.

The remarks come as Clinton is running a dual campaign: fighting for the Democratic nomination in primary states, such as California, and attempting to lay the groundwork for the general election here in Nevada.

The UFCW union, which endorsed Clinton earlier this year, represents 1.3 million workers and, in Nevada, is a key constituency for Democrats. Nevada is expected to once again be a swing state where both Clinton and her allies expect to invest resources.

Clinton hit Trump for proposing immigration “deportation forces” that she said would raid homes and workplaces across the country.

Speaking at a labor conference in Las Vegas, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump an "urgent threat" and a danger to unions. (Reuters)

“Donald Trump is an urgent threat to our rights and to our country,” Clinton said. “When Donald Trump talks about deporting 11 million immigrants, he’s talking about ripping apart families. … He’s talking about sending what he calls a deportation force to schools and workplaces and homes.”

“I want you to think about that deportation force for a minute. We will have police, paramilitary and whatever deportation force you can think of raiding workplaces and homes across America,” she added.

Clinton will return to California to continue campaigning on Thursday afternoon and will also hold a campaign event in the state on Friday.