Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton walks in a Memorial Day parade in Chappaqua, N.Y. (Mel Evans/AP)

NEW CASTLE, N.Y. — Hillary Clinton marched in the New Castle Memorial Day parade on Monday morning, an event that has become an annual tradition in the town that she and former president Bill Clinton now call their home.

The hamlet of Chappaqua welcomed Clinton, the former president and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo with signs and cheers as they walked briskly through town on a muggy and gray day.

“Love it!” Clinton told a woman who asked whether she was enjoying being a part of the quaint festivities. “It's my favorite parade."

The bagpipes played and the band marched. Children in soccer jerseys waited on the sidewalks waving American flags. Teens scrambled to snap selfies as the former first family walked by.

As they marched, the Clintons waved and smiled but did not stop for passersby.

In the midst of a sea of blue Hillary for America signs, at least one man proudly trailed the parade decked out from head to toe in Donald Trump memorabilia.

Nevertheless, John Nadler, 63, seemed to be eager to take photos of the Clintons and was un-fazed as Clinton fans frowned.

"It's Hillary country," Maxine Margo, 61, called out to Nadler. "Sorry. No room for Trump dudes in this area. Although it's a free country."

"I'm a Hillary fan,” she added. “It's in the middle of this whole thing, but I'm just encouraged and hopeful that she will be madam president.”

"She's the only adult in the room. Seriously. The only adult in the room,” Margo added.