During the month leading up to Tuesday’s primary, Bernie Sanders essentially turned California into a second home. The senator from Vermont campaigned the same way in the Golden State that he has since the outset of his White House bid: by staging rallies that draw eye-popping crowds.

In California, the feat has been particularly impressive because of the Democratic hopeful’s ability to attract supporters in such big numbers day after day, up and down the state.

The large turnouts may or may not translate into a victory on Tuesday against Hillary Clinton in the nation’s most populous state. But here’s a look at what Sanders has already achieved, based on figures from news accounts and his campaign:

Number of people addressed in California since May 9: 227,710

Number of events since then: 40

Number of rallies that drew more than 5,000 people: 24

Number of rallies that drew more than 10,000 people: 5

Most people addressed at a single event: 16,266 (Sacramento, May 9)

Most people addressed in a single week: 82,019 (May 29-June 4)

Most people addressed during a single weekend: 17,978 (May 25-26)

Most people drawn to a California rally by Sanders before May 9: 27,500 (Los Angeles, Aug. 10)

Largest recent Clinton gathering in California: Nearly 6,000 people (Los Angeles fundraiser, June 6)

Popular vote received in 2008 by Hillary Clinton, winner of the California Democratic primary: 2,608,184

Robert Costa and Abby Phillip contributed to this story.