Pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA will purchase television advertising worth $10.5 million in Pennsylvania beginning next month, a spokesman said Friday, on top of advertising already running in eight battleground states.

The new buy suggests the race between Clinton and Donald Trump could be closer than expected in Pennsylvania. Although Democrats have won the past several presidential elections in Pennsylvania, there has been growing pressure on Clinton to commit more resources in a state where demographics and economics suggest Trump could have wider appeal.

Priorities USA will air ads in the three largest markets — Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Scranton — starting on July 5 and running through Election Day, spokesman Justin Barasky said.

"This morning Donald Trump cheered a potential economic collapse because it would be good for his bottom line and compared running a country to running a golf course," Barasky said, referring to Trump's assertion that a Brexit-related drop in value of the British pound could be good for his golf-course business in Scotland.

"We are determined to do everything we possibly can to ensure we never allow such a dangerous and divisive know-nothing to become president," Barasky said in announcing the ad purchases.

The Pennsylvania purchases bring the super PAC's television reservations to $117.5 million in nine states: Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

The Clinton campaign has announced its own six-week, eight-figure television ad buy in the eight states excluding Pennsylvania.

Priorities USA is also spending about $35 million on digital advertising and about $5.3 million on radio advertising.

The group has produced several ads, including one featuring people in Trump T-shirts reading aloud some of the businessman's more extreme comments about women, abortion and other subjects.