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Scott Brown says Warren could ‘take a DNA test’ to prove she’s part Cherokee

Former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown welcomes attendees to a Donald Trump campaign stop, in Portsmouth, N.H. (Matt Rourke/AP)

As Donald Trump continues to call Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" for claiming Native American heritage, former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown -- who lost to her in 2012 -- is defending that line of attack.

"As you know, she's not Native American," Brown, an early Trump endorser, told reporters on a conference call organized by the Republican National Committee. "She's not 1/32 Cherokee."

In the 2012 race, Brown tried and, for a short time, succeeded in making a campaign issue out of Warren's claim of Native American ancestry and whether it helped her win academic positions because of affirmative action. Brown allies in talk radio called her "Fauxcahontas," and to this day, photoshopped images of Warren with a feather headdress follow her around the Internet.

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Four years ago, Warren struggled for a while with the storyline. "I still have a picture on my mantle at home," she explained at one point, "and it’s a picture of my mother’s dad, a picture of my grandfather, and my Aunt Bee has walked by that picture at least a thousand times, remarked that her father, my poppa, had high cheekbones, like all of the Indians do."

The storyline eventually backfired on Brown, especially after some campaign workers were filmed war-whooping and making "tomahawk chops" at Warren. Today, with the campaign very much in the rear-view mirror, Brown was happy to re-litigate it, suggesting ways for Warren to prove her ancestry.

"Harvard can release the records, she can authorize the release of those records, or she can take a DNA test," he said, insisting that Warren took a job that might have rightly gone to a nonwhite applicant. "It’s a reverse form of racism, quite frankly."