LOS ANGELES -- Hillary Clinton had a message Tuesday for supporters of Republican Donald Trump who feel that their country and its institutions have let them down: Don't be fooled by "easy answers."

"I am sympathetic to a lot of the people attracted by Trump’s message who are feeling really left out and left behind," the presumptive Democratic nominee said. "They don’t know how they are going to create ... a better future for themselves."

"I’ve said to a lot of groups of people as we move to this general election campaign against Trump, that I understand why people are frustrated and even fearful," she continued. "But don’t look for easy answers and misleading promises that cannot deliver what you’re hoping for."

Speaking to a forum of YouTube figures and others here, Clinton mused at length about who backs Trump and why.

"The whole slogan, 'Make America Great Again' is code for, go back to a time when a lot of people were not included, including women, including African Americans and Latinos and a lot of other people," she said. "Go back to a time when there really was more of a hierarchy instead of a democratized economy where people are really working hard to get ahead."

The forum ranged across subjects from student debt to gun control to Internet bullying and the blame some African Americans place on her for past remarks and support for the 1994 crime bill. The legislation, passed while her husband Bill Clinton was president, led to much higher rates of incarceration for blacks.

Clinton struck a thoughtful tone, including in response to critical questions. On Trump, she sounded as though she was puzzling out for herself why he emerged from a crowded Republican field to face her this year.

"I am determined to say, ‘you may not vote for me, Trump supporters,'" she said. "I get that because you really are upset about immigration, or you’re upset about trade, you’re upset about you know feeling that the jobs that you had that gave you a good living are gone," she said, "but let’s think about what we can do to try to create more opportunities for you and your children and grandchildren."

"So I am very sympathetic to that. I am not sympathetic about the xenophobia, the misogyny, the homophobia, the Islamophobia and all of the other sort of dog whistles that Trump uses to create that fervor among a lot of his supporters."