On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton won't be campaigning in a swing state, but rather in safely blue New Jersey. The reason is simple: Donald Trump.

At a campaign stop in Atlantic City, Clinton plans to assail Donald Trump with accusations that for years, he stiffed the city's small businesses and laid off thousands of workers through his failed business dealings there.

Clinton will deliver a speech on the front of Boardwalk Hall, literally next door to the site of one of Trump's shuttered casino and hotel ventures, Trump Plaza Casino and Hotel.

According to a Clinton official, she will be introduced by a small-business person who was hurt by Trump in Atlantic City.

"Today, in Atlantic City, Hillary Clinton will make the case that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president based on the wake of destruction his fraudulent business dealings have left in the seaside town and for businesses and families across the country," the official said. "Clinton will highlight Trump's fraudulent business history in Atlantic City of multiple bankruptcies, stiffing contractors and spurring hundreds of job losses while pocketing cash for himself."

Ahead of Clinton's appearance, the campaign released a new web video blasting Trump for his "Atlantic City gamble," in which the campaign said he made millions while his businesses went bankrupt.

The video features footage from a Republican debate when Trump was confronted about his business losses and history of bankruptcies.

"Who got hurt when Trump abandoned Atlantic City?" the video asks.

What follows are excerpts from newspaper articles documenting the stories of businesses and artisans who said Trump never paid his bills.

"He left Atlantic City with so many empty hands out that he owed money to," Steven Perskie, a former casino regulator, says in the video.

"He doesn't have no heart, that man," Atlantic City resident Vera Coking added. "The only thing he has is what he's worried about himself."

The video highlights a key component of Clinton's argument against Trump, namely that he has put himself and profits above people.

The Trump-focused stop comes amid sharp criticism of Clinton for her use of a private email server as secretary of state. But FBI Director James Comey, who publicly criticized Clinton on Tuesday, declined to recommend criminal charges against her while leaving questions about her judgment and character.

The long-planned campaign stop offers an opportunity to change the subject back to Trump and a key component of her case against him, just as Republicans see a fresh opening to criticize Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.

"In Trump's Atlantic City gamble, small businesses lost ... vendors lost ... local businesses lost .... casino workers lost," the video continues. "And Donald Trump stacked the deck for himself."