Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has routinely assailed Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for voting in 2002 to authorize military intervention in Iraq, but in a television interview broadcast Sunday night, he gave his running mate, Mike Pence, a pass for doing the exact same thing.

The interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" highlighted a challenge Trump will face now that has put the Indiana governor on the GOP ticket: dealing with questions about where the two have disagreed. On trade, foreign policy and other areas, the two have parted ways many times.

In in the interview, Trump was confronted with Pence's vote to authorize force in 2002 as a member of the House.

"I don't care," Trump responded.

"What do you mean you don't care?" asked Lesley Stahl, who conducted the interview.

"It's a long time ago. And he voted that way and they were also misled. A lot of information was given to people," Trump said.

The real estate mogul said Pence was "entitled to make a mistake every once in a while."

But Clinton?

"No. She’s not," Trump said.

During a June 22 speech, Trump slammed Clinton's "bad judgment" for supporting the Iraq War as a senator. Clinton has said that in retrospect, she voted the wrong way.

In the CBS interview, Trump repeated a claim he often makes: that he opposed the war from the start. The Washington Post's Fact Checker has found no sign that Trump opposed the invasion or was vocal about it beforehand.

Trump also said that as president, he would dispatch "very few troops on the ground" to fight the Islamic State in the Middle East. And he appeared to want to recast his controversial proposal to ban most foreign Muslims as a territorial prohibition.

"Call it whatever you want, change territories, but there are territories and terror states and terror nations that we're not going to allow the people to come into our country," he said.