This week's dramatic Republican National Convention has helped unleash a gusher of cash for Donald Trump's presidential campaign, which said it raised $3.5 million in a 24-hour period.

In a statement, the campaign noted that the total was reached as Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the vice-presidential nominee, addressed the crowd Wednesday, crediting him with igniting "the passion of grassroots conservatives." More than 750,000 new donors have contributed to the campaign in the past 30 days, the campaign said.

Some digital fundraising experts noted that the one-day haul, while impressive, was still just a little more than half of the $6.4 million that Sen. Bernie Sanders raised in a 24-hour period after his New Hampshire Democratic primary win.

But there's no question that Trump's operation has drastically ratcheted up its efforts to raise money online, sending out a flurry of texts and emails throughout the festivities this week. In June, the GOP nominee had his best fundraising month yet, raising more than $52 million in conjunction with the Republican National Committee, including $26 million for his campaign.