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CNN schedules Green Party forum for Aug. 17

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The Green Party's presidential ticket will get a prime-time special on CNN later this month, modeled after the two "town halls" the cable network has held for the Libertarian Party's ticket. CNN announced the special in a press release right after its second Libertarian town hall aired, promising that the likely Green ticket of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka would "address the current state of the 2016 race and the platform of the Green Party in addition to fielding questions from voters."

Stein herself was one of the last people to find out, tweeting five minutes after the news release that the network seemed to be giving forums only to "corporate candidates." The tweet, deleted quickly, was saved by Matt Ortega.

The Libertarian Party was the first of the four largest parties to hold its convention, nominating the ticket of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld over Memorial Day weekend. Since then, Johnson and Weld -- both former governors -- have dominated media coverage of the election's third-party options. Most election polls have included Johnson as an option alongside Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Stein's name has appeared in the polls less frequently.

Wednesday night's Libertarian forum broke little new ground, but Johnson and Weld were slightly more critical of Clinton than they'd been in their first CNN appearance. Johnson also took an opportunity to pitch to supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, up to 30 percent of whom tell pollsters they are still not supporting Clinton.

"Bernie and I are similar on about 75 percent of what's out there," said Johnson.