Years ago, Donald Trump built his political brand by questioning President Obama's background and demanding he release records. Today, Trump has declined to release many of the same records that he once encouraged others to release.

Here are eight that The Washington Post has asked Trump to release:

1. Tax returns: All major presidential nominees since 1976 have released their tax returns. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had earlier released returns from 2007 to 2014 and released her 2015 return Friday.

2. Gov. Mike Pence’s tax returns: Clinton’s running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, also released his tax returns from the past 10 years Friday. Aides to Pence have not said whether he will do the same.

3. Melania Trump’s immigration records: Given Trump’s firm opposition to illegal immigration, questions have been raised about Melania Trump’s journey to becoming a U.S. citizen. Trump indicated earlier this week that his wife plans to soon release documentation at "a little news conference." That news conference has not been scheduled, and Trump has not released documentation of his wife’s path to legalization. It is unknown what kind of work visa Melania Trump first received and when, or how she received her green card.

4. Documentation of charitable giving: David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post has repeatedly asked Trump to provide documentation of the millions of dollars he has claimed to have given to charity.

5. College application and transcript: In 2012, Trump insisted that President Obama release “his college records and applications.” Trump has yet to do the same.

6. Passport application and records: In 2012, Trump also challenged Obama to release his passport application and records. Trump has not released those, although he did release his birth certificate.

7. Medical records: Nominees have frequently released their health records. In 2008, Sen. John McCain released more than a thousand pages of medical records. In July 2015, Clinton released a two-page letter from her doctor with the results of several lab tests. In December, Trump released a four-paragraph letter from his personal doctor stating that a recent medical examination “showed only positive results" but didn't get into much detail.

8. Full documentation of military deferments: During the Vietnam War, Trump received five deferments, including one 1-Y medical deferment in 1968 because of bone spurs. The Post has asked Trump to provide a copy of the doctor’s letter that led to that deferment.