An enthusiastic base of small donors continued to buoy Donald Trump's campaign in August, helping him collect $90 million in conjunction with the Republican National Committee, his biggest monthly take yet, officials said Thursday.

That still put the Republican presidential nominee far behind Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who pulled in a record $143 million in August in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee. More than half of her money -- $81 million -- came from large donations for the Democratic Party, while $62 million went to her campaign.

Steven Mnuchin, Trump's national finance director, said in an interview that about $70 million of the contributions received in August were small donations raised online or through direct mail. On the day last week when Trump met with the Mexican president and gave a fiery immigration speech in Arizona, more than $5 million poured in, the campaign said.

So far, 2.1 million individual donors have contributed to Trump in the past three months, his campaign said. That's close to the 2.3 million donors who Clinton's campaign says have supported her since she began raising money last year.

"When you look at what’s going on on the ground, there is much more support for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton," Mnuchin said.

But Trump is bringing in far less in large party contributions than Clinton, who spent much of August headlining pricey fundraising receptions.

"Had we wanted to spend the entire month fundraising the way she did, instead of focusing on political, we would have raised a lot more money," Mnuchin said. "We didn’t think we needed to do that. We need a lot less money than she does to operate the campaign."

Trump gave an additional $2 million to his campaign committee last month, Mnuchin added, bringing his total personal investment to more than $54 million.

His August fundraising haul surpassed his total in July, when Trump's campaign and its two joint fundraising committees with the RNC together brought in $82 million.

Trump's campaign said Thursday that his campaign committee and two joint fundraising committees collectively began September with $97 million in the bank. But that figure probably includes millions raised in July, when Trump's campaign said it netted $64 million through online donations and direct mail. The committee reported just $36 million in receipts in July when it filed its report with the Federal Election Commission, meaning that a large share of the money was not transferred from a joint fundraising committee.