Donald Trump's campaign still has not released the results of a physical examination that the Republican nominee underwent last week, but Trump assured the hosts of "Fox and Friends" on Thursday morning that his health is "really good."

"I did all the tests, I did every test. I did it last week, and the samples all came back, and I guess I wouldn't be talking to you right now if they were bad," Trump said. "If they were bad, I would say: 'Let's sort of skip this.' Right?"

On Wednesday morning, Trump filmed an episode of "The Dr. Oz Show" and pulled the test results out of his suit pocket, allowing talk-show host Mehmet Oz to quickly review them and share some of the numbers with the studio audience. The show airs Thursday. The campaign has repeatedly declined to make the documents available to the public, but aides have said that Trump plans to soon release medical records of some sort.

This unusual setup has allowed members of the studio audience to be among the first to report Oz's take on cable news. According to people in the audience, Oz deemed Trump "slightly overweight," and CNN reported that the candidate said he wants to lose 15 to 20 pounds. Trump's weight has been reported as both 236 pounds and 267 pounds.

"It's 236," Trump said on Fox News, when asked which number was correct. "Did they quote that in the paper? Aye yai yai, it's bad enough."

On Fox News, Trump insisted that his cholesterol is "quite good" and that "everything is really good." He added that he gets "a lot of exercise on the trail."