MELBOURNE, Fla. — After refraining from calling Hillary Clinton names at the first presidential debate on Monday night, Donald Trump took the stage at a rally in an airplane hangar here on Tuesday night and declared: "Almost every single poll had us winning the debate against 'Crooked Hillary Clinton' big league. Big league. She is as crooked as they come."

Trump then delivered one attack after another. He criticized Clinton's support for international trade, called her "the candidate of yesterday" who has defended the "horrible status quo" and accused her of being under the control of the "hedge-fund guys" who have donated to her campaign. Trump also mocked Clinton for failing the D.C. bar exam in 1973, said her supporters have no "spirit" and accused her of doing "nothing" while in the U.S. Senate other than naming some things. He called her "incompetent," an "insider" and "worse than Obama."

"She has been there for 30 years and hasn't fixed anything," Trump said. "It's all talk, no action, typical politician. In fact, her only experience has been a failure. Look at everything she's touched, it's been failure, just about. One failure after another after another. She bragged about how she traveled all over the world — and that's true, she traveled all over the world. And you know what it got us? Nothing. Nothing."

Later in the rally, he continued: "It's one Clinton failure after another. What has Hillary Clinton accomplished for your family in the last 26 years that she has been doing this? Nothing. Nothing!"

Twice, Trump paused as the crowd chanted: "Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!"

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump calls his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton a “crooked woman.” (The Washington Post)

Trump pulled up to the rally in his personal plane, dubbed "Trump Force One," as thick storm clouds gathered above the airport and at least one flash of lightening lit the sky. With a storm brewing, many of Trump's supporters left the rally before he finished speaking.

Trump repeatedly bragged that he won the debate, even though some fellow Republicans and some of his supporters have been critical of his performance. Trump said he took this approach: "I took a deep breath and pretended I was talking to my family."

Trump claimed throughout the day Tuesday that several "polls" showed that voters believed he had won the debate. He and his aides pointed to unscientific online surveys on news websites that are not considered valid measures of public opinion. Meanwhile, a few scientific surveys found that viewers thought Trump lost the debate to Clinton. Of those surveyed by Public Policy Polling after the debate, 51 percent declared Clinton the winner, compared to 40 percent for Trump. In a YouGov survey, 57 percent said Clinton won, compared to 30 percent for Trump and 13 percent who were unsure.

Trump laid out several of the attacks against Clinton that he did not hammer during the debate. He criticized her use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state and accused her of having "lied to Congress and the American people" about her classified emails. Trump reminded his crowd that Clinton had called them "deplorables" and did not realize "you're the greatest people on earth, you're not deplorable." And Trump questioned the ways that Clinton's family charity raised money and the large speaking fees that former president Bill Clinton collected while she was serving as secretary of state.

"It's called pay for play," Trump said. "Our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or whatever you want to call it."

Trump also repeatedly attacked the reporters covering his rally and "media executives," accusing them of being Clinton supporters and saying that some of them are the most dishonest people he has ever encountered. He defended himself on some of the issues that came up during the debate, including his assertion that he was always against the Iraq War, even though he voiced support before military intervention began.

"Does everybody believe me? I was against going into Iraq," Trump said, as the crowd cheered. "And it's so well documented, and Sean Hannity is now saying: He was absolutely against it. And nobody wants to call him because they don't want to hear that."

Toward the end of a speech that lasted nearly an hour, Trump reminded the crowd once again that he considers Clinton "crooked."

"Remember, when you go in to vote, don't vote for crooked Hillary," Trump said. "Just put it in your head: Crooked Hillary. She is a crooked one."