Amid the slickly produced, largely negative television ads dominating the presidential race, this one certainly stands out: The latest spot from Hillary Clinton features home-video footage of ordinary families, measuring the height of their kids as they grow taller over time.

“How do we measure greatness in America? The height of our skyscrapers? The size of our bank accounts? No. It’s measured by what we do for our children,” the Democratic nominee says in a minute-long ad that she narrates.

The soft spot appears aimed largely at suburban voters, many of whom harbor doubts about both Clinton and her Republican opponent Donald Trump and are still undecided.

Aides say the ad will appear in the battleground states of Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as on national cable stations.

It is a somewhat of  a departure for Clinton. Though she has run positive ads throughout the campaign, many of her recent -- and most memorable -- have featured controversial comments from Trump strung together, in an effort to diminish his standing as a credible candidate. This one makes no mention of him at all.

The ad is in keeping with a pledge from Clinton to close the campaign by highlighting her positive agenda — an objective she seems to meet more on some days than others.

“It will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them,” Clinton says in the spot, touting plans to improve schools, make college more affordable and increase jobs.