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Watch: President Obama protects wedding ring as he shakes hands with public

Obama takes off ring before handshakes (Video: David Nakamura/The Washington Post)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — One of the jobs of the leader of the free world is to shake hands with the public. A lot of hands.

For President Obama, that means taking additional precautions — and we don't mean by using a lot of disinfectant afterward.

The video above shows the president approaching a rope line at the airport here in Greensboro, where he is spending Tuesday at a town hall-style event on race and a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton. After leaving Air Force One, Obama walked toward a small crowd that had gathered to welcome him on the tarmac.

Watch as Obama, who recently celebrated his 24th wedding anniversary, deftly takes off his wedding band and slips it into his pocket before shaking hands.

Even with all the Secret Service agents around him, the president isn't taking any chances with his personal valuables.