TAMPA, Fla. — Hours after Donald Trump appeared at the grand opening of his new hotel in Washington, D.C., the celebrity chef who once had big plans for a restaurant there spent the afternoon with Hillary Clinton instead.

José Andrés appeared on Wednesday afternoon at an outdoor rally with Clinton and sharply criticized Trump for his rhetoric about immigrants.

"Today I could be in a certain hotel in Washington, D.C. opening a restaurant inside,"Andrés said. "Here I am, not even mentioning him.

"We’re not supposed to mention him until he apologizes to every Latino… every Mexican and every person he has insulted,” he added.

Andrés's divorce from his deal with Trump's D.C. hotel probably couldn't have been messier.

A naturalized U.S. citizen who proudly employs immigrants at his many restaurants in the city, Andrés was incensed by Trump's anti-immigrant rhetoric and pulled out of the project, a Spanish-Japanese fusion restaurant.

Trump sued, and Andrés countersued, and that matter still isn't settled. But Andrés has now become one of Trump's adversaries in his political fight with Clinton.

"Someone talks about making America great again? What? Who are you?"Andrés added. "Where've you been?"

Andrés has already campaigned on Clinton's behalf and hasn't been shy about prodding the real estate businessman online.

Clinton is in the midst of a two-day Florida swing aimed at ginning up early voting ahead of Election Day.