CHARLOTTE — With just 13 days left until an election that will pit him against Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump decided Wednesday to single out a long-vanquished Republican rival as he slammed his Democratic opponent.

“She has less energy than Jeb Bush,” Trump said of Clinton. He said he brought up Bush because he didn’t live up to his pledge in to support the eventual Republican nominee for president.

Trump criticized Clinton for taking him to task over his hotel opening in Washington earlier Wednesday. Bush does not support Trump or Clinton. During the primary, Trump disparagingly dubbed Bush as “low-energy.”

"Donald Trump's unending obsession with Governor Bush is very sad. Donald Trump should be focused on his current race -- he certainly needs all the help he can get," Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said in an email responding to Trump's criticism.


The Republican nominee criticized Bush and Clinton toward the end of a speech that was designed to discuss his outreach to African Americans. Speaking in a theater here, Trump called for a “new deal for black America” rooted in ensuring safe communities and enacting reforms to create more jobs and improve education through “school choice.”

Trump pledged to spend $1 trillion dollars on infrastructure and said the “inner cities will be a major beneficiary” of that spending. He also he would pursue reforms “to make it easier for young African Americans to get credit to pursue their dreams in business and create jobs in their communities.”

Trump repeatedly attacked Clinton’s record on domestic and foreign matters in his speech.

“She’s useless!” a man in the audience shouted out after one of Trump’s Clinton mentions.

“See, I’m not allowed to say it. But I’ll accept it,” Trump said in response. After he wondered aloud who made the comment, the man stood up proudly.

“A star is born,” Trump remarked.