Warmly lit and with a soft piano track playing, Hillary Clinton, looking directly into the camera, says the country should not be “defined by fear and division” and pledges to “work my heart out” for all Americans, including those who vote for Donald Trump.

The pitch comes in a two-minute television ad that the Democratic nominee for president has placed on a pair of prime-time network shows Monday night that her campaign estimates will reach an audience of about 20 million people nationally.

The aim is to present Clinton as a unifying presence at the end of an ugly, divisive election between two historically unpopular candidates — and to perhaps also look past Tuesday toward what would be one of Clinton’s first challenges as president-elect: bringing the country together.

Although most of Clinton’s ads have been aimed at no more than a dozen battleground states, this one is airing nationally, during NBC’s “The Voice” and CBS’s “Kevin Can Wait.” Aides say these were the highest-rated shows with two-minutes blocks available. They did not provide a figure for what the ad costs.

Clinton begins the spot by saying: “I think we can all agree. It’s been a long campaign."

She does not mention Trump by name, but she casts the election as a choice between a country that is “dark and divisive or hopeful and inclusive.”

“Our core values are being tested in this election,” Clinton says, wearing white, with what could be a living room in the background.

She acknowledges the country has gone through some hard economic times and makes a pitch to work on the country’s challenges together.

“I will work my heart out as president to make life better for you and your family,” she pledges. “We won’t always get it right, but you can count on this: I’ve never quit, and I never will.”