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The full transcript from the Trump transition team’s Tuesday call to reporters

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President-elect Trump's transition team is holding daily media calls to update the press on how the transition is progressing. We will be posting the transcripts from these calls after they happen. Here is the transcript from Tuesday's call.

On the call were Jason Miller, the transition team's communications director, and Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee's communications director.

OPERATOR: Please stand by; we're about to begin. Good day, everyone, and welcome to the transition daily briefing call. Today's conference is being recorded.

At this time, I would like to turn the conference over to Sean Spicer. Please go ahead.

SPICER: Good morning and thank you all for joining us again.

We want to begin by just making -- by expressing our continued thoughts and prayers are with those were effected and lost their lives and the families and loved ones of those and the first responders who had dealt with the horrible tragedy at Ohio State University yesterday.

So, with that, let me just kind of get into the schedule. I know that there's a lot of questions about the president -- the vice president-elect's schedule for the rest of the week. We will try to have a briefing for you tomorrow on the rest of the week, but as of right now, the only thing we're going to get into is -- is -- is what we have for today. So just hold off on any questions for the remainder of the week. We're trying to lock down additional details so that we can provide you with the most accurate and up to date information.

Today, the president and the vice president-elect will start their day meeting with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee 7th District. The next meeting is with the CEO of Concerned Veterans for America, Mr. Pete Hegseth, H-E-G-S-E-T-H.

Next will be the president and CEO of Rolls Royce North America, Ms. Marion Blakey, M-A-R-I-O-N B-L-A-K-E-Y; chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the United States Senate, Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee; chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Mr. Michael -- Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas' 10th District; and then Congressman Lou Barletta from Pennsylvania's 11th Congressional District. Mr. Gary Cohn, C-O-H-N, president and COO of Goldman-Sachs and the day will conclude with a meeting with former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

We talked about the meetings yesterday, but just to recap, we met with Ms. Fran Townsend, Mr. Sandeep Mathrani, Mr. Paul Atkins, Ms. Kathleen White, General David Patraeus, Mr. David Steward, Mr. Scott Pruitt, Sheriff David Clarke, Mr. John Allison.

The president and the vice president-elect now had 68 total meetings with people to potentially join the administration or share their ideas. And the vice president and the president-elect have received congratulation calls or spoken with over 41 world leaders.

I want to turn if over to Jason to talk about the announcements of the day. And just note that we expect a further cabinet-level announcement later this afternoon or early evening. Jason?

MILLER: Thank you, Sean. Appreciate it very much. As everyone saw this morning, the president-elect nominated chairman of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Tom Price, from Georgia's 6th Congressional District as secretary of Health and Human Services. Dr. Price is a renowned physician who's earned a reputation for being a tireless problem solver and really Congress' point person on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Tom Price, a vehement critic of the Affordable Care Act, is President Trump's secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. (Video: Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post, Photo: Andrew Harrer/The Washington Post)

Dr. Price is exceptionally qualified to help shepherd our commitment to this task, something that the president-elect has said that he wants to do very early in his administration. Potentially being something that we start taking certain actions on as soon as day one, with the ultimate goal of bringing affordable and assessable healthcare to every American. I think the issue of repealing and replacing Obamacare is particularly timely today, given the Gallup studies saying that 80 percent of Americans, that's 8-0, believe that the law should be either changed or -- or repealed. So this is clearly an issue that is on the front burner for so many Americans across the country.

In addition to Chairman Price's nomination, the president-elect also announced his choice of Seema Verma, one the leading experts in the country on Medicare and Medicaid to serve as Administrator of CMS, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Ms. Verma has decades of experience advising on Medicare and Medicaid policy and helping states navigate the complicated systems, and working with a number of governor's offices to transform healthcare to benefit their residents. And Ms. Verma has been active at this for over 20 years. We're working extensively on a variety of policy and strategic projects. And there's obviously a lot we have to do here to get our healthcare system improved so it actually does help people and it's not working against us.

And so we're very excited for these two new additions and as Sean said, we'll have another cabinet level appointment coming later this afternoon. The one other thing that I've noticed here, just going a little bit on -- on some of the healthcare -- on the healthcare front. That the President-elect has laid out a number of markers, as we talk about expanding HSAs, allowing folks to be able to buy insurance across state lines, administering Medicaid at the state levels. There are number of markers that the President-elect has laid out. Obviously we'll be expanding on that. But it's important to point out that Dr. Price and Ms. Verma will really be our point people who will be leading the charge on this front. We're working hand and hand with our congressional leaders and with the Vice-President-elect has been very passionate on this issue to actually come up with a plan that we go forward with. And so, on that we'll go ahead and open up to some questions.

OPERATOR: Thank you. If you'd like to ask a question please signal by pressing star one on your telephone keypad. If you're using a speakerphone, please make sure your mute function is turned off to allow your signal to reach our equipment. Again, that's star one to signal for question.

SPICER: Hey. Yes, It's Sean. One last thing while you guys cue up, I forgot to mention on the onset of the call with respect to the President and the Vice-President-elect, both of them received the Presidential daily briefing, intelligence briefing this morning. I apologize for not properly reading that off.

OPERATOR: And we'll go to Doug Palmer (ph) with Politico.

QUESTION: Hello. Thanks for taking my question. Just during the campaign, I cover trades so my question is going to be about trade. During the campaign, President-elect Trump talked about appointing a -- appointing CEO's or appointing company leaders to negotiate trade agreements for the United States. As he looks for a USTR, should we assume that he is still at -- that that's still the criteria that he has in mind? That he wants somebody from the -- from the corporate community to -- to head up USTR? And then, the second question is, he also talked about moving USTR within the Commerce Department. Is that still -- is that what we should expect in the Trump administration?

MILLER: And I thank you. And who's that asking the question?

QUESTION: It's Doug Palmer (ph) with Politico.

MILLER: Oh, hello Doug. So, a couple things on that. As we've seen so far with the President-elect putting together this administration, he's taken people who have been successful at all different walks of life. Whether they've been successful in the military, successful in public policy, people who've been successful in business, and really putting together what we view as a true dream team of leaders who can go and help take up forward. I think it's safe to say that the President-elect has fantastic relationships with a number of industry titans. People who have lead companies who've been on the forefront on some of these -- these trade issues, and -- and issues that effect commerce and how we actually go and -- and create jobs, and also make sure that we're protecting American jobs.

We'll leave it to the President-elect and his timeline and his ultimate judgment for who he selects each of these positions. But, as you've seen, there have been a number of very prominent business leaders who have been coming in to meet with him. Some very specifically, who are under consideration for actual positions in the cabinet and others who just have excellent ideas on how to move the country forward. With regard to the second part of your question, I have not heard any further discussion about any kind of folding USTR into Commerce. But -- so that would be -- that's -- that's not something I've heard discussed.

OPERATOR: And we'll go next to Alex Sawyer (ph) with Breitbart.

QUESTION: Hello, yes. I believe Sean said that the President- elect and the Vice-President-elect has held 68 total meetings with people, either to join the administration or to share ideas. Has any of those meetings been about ideas regarding the Supreme Court nomination to replace Justice Scalia? Can you give us any insight on what the President-elect is thinking about that?

MILLER: Sean, you want take that one, or do you want me to take -- SPICER: I will. I'm not aware of that -- I'd be glad to follow up with you. I know that currently the focus has been on the cabinet and senior level positions within the government. But we can try and get back to you on whether or not there's been any discussion regarding the -- the current vacancy in the Supreme Court. But, so we'll follow up. As of right now, I'm not aware of that conversation -- those conversations occurring.


SPICER: Just because again, I think the focus right now is trying to get those senior level positions, to get the government going.

OPERATOR: And Eric Katz (ph) with Government Executive.

QUESTION: Al right. Thank you. I was wondering if you could comment on the -- the reporting that's come out that it appears President-elect Trump is in violation of his lease with the General Services Administration regarding his International Hotel in D.C. at the Old Post Office Building. You know, the lease says that no person elected to office could benefit in any way from the lease. So is that something that you all are looking into? Do you have any comment on -- on that finding?

MILLER: Eric, that is not something that has been raised with me, or Sean to my knowledge, at this point. But we will check with the General Counsel and get back to you on that.

OPERATOR: We'll go next to Jaclyn Sell (ph) with Cox Media Group.

QUESTION: I have two questions. I was just wondering if you could, first of all thank you for having the call. And I think you talked about some of the positions that we will learn about today. I know he's had so many meetings. What cabinet positions you're hoping to announce later on?

MILLER: Well, thank you very much Jaclyn. So we will definitely have another cabinet level position that's coming up later today. But we'll go ahead and leave that to the President-elect to make that formal announcement, or to give us the go ahead to go and do that. And so, on this particular one I've got to say, stay tuned.

OPERATOR: And we go next to Cameron Joseph (ph) with New York Daily News.

QUESTION: (inaudible) thanks for doing this call. I was wondering whether there's any updates in the conversations that the President-elect has had with Carrier and I'm curious whether there are other companies that are looking at outsourcing or exporting jobs that President-elect has been in touch with? Whether there -- and is any plans to publicly discuss any of them? Whether it's naming or shaming or congratulating folks for changing their minds at this point.

MILLER: Thanks Cam. So, both the -- the President and the Vice- President-elect have been very hands on with this particular issue. And on this one, just due to certain sensitivities, we'll wait until either companies or the President or Vice-President-elect are ready to make an announcement. I don't think it'd be right for us to go and start speculating or putting out details when we don't have everything in front of us. But, this is something that both the President and Vice-President-elect are very passionate about, make sure that we're keeping American jobs right here. And so, I would say stay tuned on this one as well.

OPERATOR: OK. We'll go next to Joe Walker (ph) with Yahoo News.

QUESTION: Hello guys. Thanks for doing the call. I know Mika Brzezinski was at Trump Towers this morning for a meeting. Can you say anything about who she was meeting with? And what they were discussing?

MILLER: So, I do not have any additional information on Mika from this morning. But I'm happy to ask and I'll give you a buzz back on that.

QUESTION: Thank you very much Jason.

OPERATOR: Al right. I'll turn the conference back over to -- for any additional or closing remarks.

SPICER: Hello guys. It's Sean. Jason mentioned, look forward to sharing with you an additional announcement later this evening. From that, we'll try our best to have additional scheduling updates for you tomorrow with respect to the rest of the week. Jason.

MILLER: That's all I had. And thank you everybody for joining us and Eric and Hunter I will follow up with both of you on your questions.

OPERATOR: Again, that does conclude today's presentation. We thank you for your participation.