President-elect Trump's transition team is holding daily media calls to update the press on how the transition is progressing. We will be posting the transcripts from these calls after they happen. Here is the transcript from Thursday's call.

On the call were Jason Miller, the transition team's communications director, and Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee's communications director.

OPERATOR: Good day, and welcome to the transition daily briefing call. Today's call is being recorded. And at this time, I'd like to turn the call to Sean Spicer.

Please go ahead.

SPICER: Good morning, folks. I'm going to be really brief this morning. Just, we're going to do the call today. We'll have one tomorrow, Friday. Then at that time, we'll read ahead any activities that may or may not be going on over the weekend, as well as what we anticipate the schedule Monday, and to the extent possible anything else later in the week. We will not have a call on Friday (sic) and Saturday.

And so with that, I want to turn it over to Jason to kind of run through everything. Thank you.

MILLER: Thank you very much, Sean.

I'd like to start off the call by addressing the wildfires and tornadoes that are affecting the country right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who've lost their homes and who've lost loved ones. The president-elect put out some comments about the terrible fires yesterday. He tweeted out his thoughts and prayers regarding the families affected by the storms and the tornadoes earlier this morning, so I'd refer you to those.

Going into the president-elect's schedule today, President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence will be in Indianapolis at two o'clock today where they'll be visiting the Carrier plant that will -- that we're helping to keep over 1,000 jobs in Indiana. Those jobs otherwise would have been outsourced to Mexico.

Carrier released a statement providing new details on the plans, and praised both President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence for their leadership and commitment to support the business community by creating an improved, more competitive U.S. business climate. Carrier has also designated its Indianapolis manufacturing facility as a center of excellence for gas furnace production, with commitment to making significant investments to continue making sure that they operate a world-class facility.

This is a big win for the incoming administration, but an even bigger win for the people of Indiana. And even bigger than that is the impact and the message this is sending to American workers around the country, particularly our manufacturing sector, to let folks know that this administration is going to make good on our promises to fight to keep American jobs right here in America.

This is also -- this is also an example of where we're seeing the leadership of Vice President-elect Pence, working with the president- elect, to actually get these deals done, and there will be much more details that we go into at the actual factory tour today.

Then later tonight, at seven o'clock, the president-elect and vice president-elect will kick off the Thank-you America Tour, with the rally in Cincinnati, Ohio at the U.S. Bank Arena. And you can sign up at, as far as for media RSVPs. This will be a very fun event, and I encourage everyone to join. And we'd also look for the president-elect and the vice president-elect to talk a bit more about what's ahead in the days in front of us, and the positive change that we're going to be bringing to the country.

Going back for a moment to what we saw yesterday, as a reminder, the president-elect announced his intent to nominate Steve Mnuchin as secretary of the treasury, and Wilbur Ross as secretary of commerce, and Todd Ricketts as deputy secretary of commerce. This will really be our core team to implement this administration's economic agenda, and as we talk about this message of economic populism, how we go and make things better for American families and American workers.

Steve Mnuchin is someone who writes (ph) largely -- was the leading person on writing the president-elect's tax plan. Wilbur Ross was someone who really helped create this trade message for the president-elect, and so he's been on the forefront of that, somebody who has helped to make a number of really good deals.

Looking ahead to -- looking ahead to tomorrow, the president- elect and vice president-elect will hold meetings in New York beginning at 11 a.m. with Senator David Perdue from Georgia -- P-E-R- D-U-E -- who was a big supporter of ours on the campaign trail. He's a fantastic ally for the president-elect.

MILLER: The president- and vice president-elect will then hold meetings with Admiral Jay Cohen -- C-O-H-E-N; and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi -- B-O-N-D-I. Then they'll meet with Ambassador John Bolton, and then they'll be meeting with Senator Heidi Heitkamp. And also to reach out for everybody on the call, yesterday the president-elect held calls with the prime minister of Pakistan and the president of Kazakhstan. We sent around the readouts for both of those calls. If you need that to be resent to you feel free to contact us at

And also, it's a recap for meetings that the president-elect held yesterday. We had Miss Linda McMahon, former Georgia governor, Sonny Perdue; Indiana senator, Dan Coats; General John Kelly; and U.S. attorney, Preet Bharara.

On of the things I wanted to make sure everybody saw was that the -- the President-elect Trump and Senator Sessions discussed with the U.S. Attorney Bharara, will stay in his position as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.

If confirmed to be attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions would be pleased to have him extend his excellent service to our country. And he conveyed that to Mr. Bharara. He's definitely earned the respect of the community with his fine service.

The -- one of the things from yesterday, the vice president-elect held meetings in Washington with Chairman Jeb Hensarling, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Terry Edward Branstad and also held meetings with Speaker Ryan, Leader McConnell and incoming White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus at the Capital.

To this point, the president-elect and vice president-elect have held 72 meetings with highly skilled individuals to serve in the administration or to offer their ideas on how to make sure the administration's ready to hit the ground running on day one.

In this week alone, I think this is important to point out, the following announcements have been made; we've had 28 additional landing team members, six members to fill top spots in the administration.

That was Dr. Tom Price, Seema Verma, Elaine Chao, Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross and Todd Ricketts. We've added to the transition team 13 vice-chairs and 20 executive committee members. And an additional 21 individuals both at the staff and advisory capacities to work with the transition team as part of the overall leadership team. I'd also point out that some new numbers, as Sean gave the update on this yesterday, he now has 182,000 stories and ideas that have been shared on on how to make our country great again. So, we're now up to 66,000 who have applied for the jobs are within the administration and to help the Trump-Pence government to lead our country.

So with that, I'll go ahead and -- unless, Sean, unless you had anything else -- we're gonna open up then for calls.

SPICER: No, let's -- let's get to questions.

Thank you.

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And we'll go to George Bennett with the Palm Beach Post.

QUESTION: Hey, thanks for taking the call.

Two questions, can -- can you shed any light on what the president-elect and Pam Bondi will be talking about? And also, what's the latest on Ben Carson and the HUD secretary job?

MILLER: Thank you, George. Appreciate your questions.

With regard to Attorney General Bondi, obviously she's been a big supporter of the president-elect on the campaign trail and a friend for a long time.

I wouldn't want to go and -- and share in advance, I'd rather provide a readout after that. To go and provide a little more accuracy as far as to what's being discussed since we're not in the room, right? Won't be in the room with them.

With regard to Dr. Carson, I (inaudible) on that front. Again, Dr. Carson is another person who's been a fantastic ally for the president-elect, someone who's -- has shown that he truly has the ability to be a national leader. And so I would just (inaudible) on that front.

OPERATOR: And we'll go next to S. A. Miller with Washington Times.

QUESTION: Good morning. What's your...

MILLER: Good morning.

QUESTIONS: ... reaction to -- good morning. What's your reaction to Senate Democrats pushing for all the nominees to turn over their tax returns for confirmation hearings?

MILLER: Hey, I believe the question was regarding tax returns in advance of the hearing. You know, obviously we'll be working with legal counsel and making sure that we're putting together all the appropriate information that needs to get put out and that we comply with everything we need to in advance of the hearings.

I would imagine for that specific question we'll probably have an announcement at a later date. So, I'd say we'll come back to you on that one as well.

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And we will go to Kristen Welker. One moment -- again, we'll go to Kristen Welker with NBC News.

QUESTION: Hi there, hopefully you can hear me. Thanks for doing the call.

Can you tell us what specifically is in the deal? We have seen that Carrier AC got tax breaks as big as $700,000 a year. Some estimates put it at $3 million a year.

Can you correct the record? What are the actual tax breaks that the company will be given? What else is a part of the deal? And can you speak to the reports that suggest that this is also largely about their parent company, United Technologies, which has a government contract and about making sure that that relationship sort of stays on track?

Thanks so much.

MILLER: Hey, Kristen, thank you very much.

Let me go ahead and take those in reverse order. I mean, first and foremost as we talk about what this deal is really about, I mean, this deal is about keeping American jobs in America.

And this is about the president-elect and vice president-elect making good on their promise to go to bat for American workers, which they're doing so even before they're actually sworn in and become the president and vice president. That's really what this deal is about. With regard to the exact specifics, I would expect more of that to be discussed at the actual event in Indianapolis today.

It will let -- I know, representatives from Carrier as well as the president and vice president-elect will be speaking. I would expect more details to be shared then, and so we'll go ahead and leave it to that. Then if you have any additional questions after the event, you can feel free to circle back. But much more information will be shared later on.

OPERATOR: And we'll go next to Ben Kamisar with The Hill.

QUESTION: Hi. Thanks for the call.

I just wanted to see if you had any more information on Senator Heitkamp, obviously one of the few Democratic lawmakers that is meeting with you guys. Is this something that the president-elect requested? Or is this something that the senator requested? And is she potentially being looked at for any type of role in the administration?

MILLER: So, as we've discussed a couple of times before, some folks who are coming in are coming in to provide their insight and their experience as to how to make the administration better and even more effective for the American people. Other folks are coming in for very specific positions.

You know, I'll say with regard to the senator that she comes very highly recommended, very highly qualified; is a proven leader, and would be an asset in any role or capacity. But of course, we'll leave that to the president-elect and so if we have any additional announcements in the future, we'll let you know.

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We'll go to Mike Bender with The Wall Street Journal.

QUESTION: Hi, you guys, a couple of questions.

Is there any screening process for the event today in Cincinnati, or is it -- as far as who is allowed in to the arena? And then also, can you talk a little bit about -- about Preet Bharara and why -- exactly how long -- is he being -- is he being asked to stay indefinitely and why -- why Mr. Trump asked him to do that?

MILLER: Hey, Mike. Thank you very much. Taking those in order.

So the event today is open to the public. Obviously, there are the normal security protocols that are in place. Wasn't sure your question was more specifically to invites, which is it's open to anyone who wants to attend; or if it was more specific to security. But that should answer both of those.

With regard to the U.S. attorney, you know, obviously the intent would be to have the U.S. attorney remain. I will have a quote (ph) that will going out from Senator Sessions here shortly, speaking directly to that. That is the goal for the U.S. attorney to remain in place.

QUESTION: Can you say why?

MILLER: I think I'll leave that to both the president-elect and to Senator Sessions. But -- yes, I'll leave that to them.

All right. Well, thank you everybody. I appreciate your time this morning. I (inaudible) in either Indianapolis or in Cincy. And we'll talk later.

Thank you.

OPERATOR: Thank you, sir.

And again, that does conclude our call for today. We do appreciate your participating. You may disconnect at this time.