President-elect Trump's transition team is holding daily media calls to update the press on how the transition is progressing. We will be posting the transcripts from these calls after they happen. Here is the transcript from Monday's call.

On the call were Jason Miller, the transition team's communications director, and Sean Spicer, the Republican National Committee's communications director.

OPERATOR: Good day and welcome to the transition daily briefing call.

Today's conference is being recorded.

At this time, I would like to turn the conference over to Sean Spicer and Jason Miller.

Please go ahead.

SPICER: Good morning, everyone. I hope you're ready for another great week. Thanks for joining us.

We're 39 days out from inauguration day. The president-elect and the transition team continue to work hard to ensure that only the best and brightest are part of the process to lead this country in a new direction.

SPICER: At this point, the president has appointed 63 percent of his Cabinet and 11 percent of deputy-level appointments. The legislative affairs team has now conducted 62 visits with senators and nominees, and on, we've now in excess of 200,000 ideas and comments of how to make America great again.

The landing teams that we talked about before now have 216 members deployed across 38 agencies, which is up from 143 just a week ago. That's a 50 percent increase. And we have now submitted today another additional 39 people to join the landing teams (inaudible) the White House.

Your social media stat of the day, of the six (inaudible) posts from the Army-Navy game, they resulted in over 1 million likes on the president-elect's page, which is a record for a single day.

To recap, on Friday, President-elect Trump announced that Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris will head the American Manufacturing Council in his administration. We'll have further details on the Manufacturing Council in the coming days.

This morning, the president-elect announced his intention to nominate John Kelly, General John Kelly, as the secretary of homeland security. General Kelly's decades of military service and deep commitment to fighting the growing threat of terrorism inside our borders make him the ideal choice to serve as the president-elect's homeland security secretary.

General Kelly agrees with President-elect Trump that it is the right of every single American to live in peace and safety in their own country, and that we must enforce the current laws and act with purpose and determination to defend the homeland.

Under General Kelly's leadership of the Department of Homeland Security -- excuse me -- the -- America will be a tolerant, open and safe society. We will protect our borders. We will ensure that every parent can raise their children in peace and safety.

The president commented this morning, as you may have read, that General Kelly is the right person to (inaudible) spearhead this urgent mission of stopping illegal immigration and securing our borders, streamlining the TSA, and improving coordination between the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

With General Kelly at the helm of DHS, the American people have a leader committed to our safety, as well as one who will work hand in hand with America's rank-and-file TSA, ICE and Border Patrol officers.

The president-elect is getting close to making a decision on who will serve as the next secretary of state. We expect that announcement to happen in the coming days.

And will turn it over to Jason to discuss the rest of the schedule.

MILLER: Thank you very much, Sean.

The president-elect began his day today meeting with Ms. Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard. In additional meetings that are coming up today, President-elect Trump will be meeting with Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia -- M-A-N-C-H-I-N. Throughout his life, Senator Manchin has shown a commitment to putting politics and ideology aside in order to best serve the American people. During his six years in the Senate, Senator Manchin has prioritized job creation, fiscal responsibility, and energy independence, among other things.

The president-elect will then meet with Congressman Raul Labrador from Idaho. Congressman Labrador is serving his third term representing the 1st Congressional District of Idaho. He's a conservative member of the House, a great familiarity with Interior issues. Congressman Labrador serves on the Natural Resources and Judiciary Committees. And he is also a national leader on immigration and criminal justice reform.

Following this, President-elect Trump will be meeting with House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers from Washington state. This will be their second time meeting in the last few weeks. In their first meeting, they discussed the optimization of federal lands and opportunities for working families.

MILLER: President-elect Trump will then meet with Congressman Ryan Zinke from Montana. Congressman Zinke was an early Trump supporter. And his background includes time in the Montana senate and 22 years as a Navy SEAL. Congressman Zinke is a strong advocate for American energy independence. And he supports an all-encompassing energy policy that includes renewables, fossil fuels, and alternative energy.

Additionally, Congressman Zinke believes we need to find a way to cut through bureaucracy to ensure our nation's parks, forests, and other public areas are properly maintained and used effectively.

Finally, the president-elect will meeting with former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Their first meeting took place a few weeks ago where they had an in-depth conversation on homeland security, border control, illegal immigration, and several other pressing issues.

Today, Vice President-elect Pence will hold meetings in Indiana. He flies to New York this afternoon and will attend a business roundtable with Senator Tim Scott.

Updates on the Thank You tour. At seven p.m. tomorrow night, the president-elect and vice president-elect will both be in West Allis, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Fair Exposition Center.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, the president-elect will hold a tech summit with industry leaders at Trump Tower. We'll have further details on this meeting most likely tomorrow with some very big league names that are coming into the tower.

And looking ahead to Thursday and the weekend, with additional Thank You America rallies. Thursday evening, the president-election will be in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the Giant Arena. That starts at seven p.m.

Friday at seven p.m., he'll be in Orlando, Florida at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. And Saturday afternoon at three p.m., the president-elect will be Mobile, Alabama at Ladd Peebles Stadium.

And on that note, we'll go ahead open it up to a few questions.

OPERATOR: If you would like to ask a question, please signal by pressing star-one on your telephone keypad. If you are using a speaker phone, please make sure your mute function is turned off to allow your signal to reach our equipment. Again, that is star-one to ask a question. We will take out first question from John Eggerton of Broadcasting and Cable magazine. Please go ahead.

QUESTION: Thank you for doing this.

I noted that Senator Capito had sent the president-elect a letter asking him to prioritize broadband. Given that he likes to communicate to the American people through Twitter and Facebook, will universal broadband buildout be a core part of his infrastructure plan?

MILLER: Thank you very much for that question. Broadband is obviously very important and I would assume that that will be something that the president-elect will be addressing as we start talking about our nation's infrastructure needs after he is sworn in next month.

OPERATOR: We will take our next question from Brian Schwartz (ph) of Fox Business. Please go ahead.

Brian, your line is open.

QUESTION: Thanks, guys. So, Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs president and COO, CNBC is reporting that he took the job of the director of the National Economic Council. Is that true?

MILLER: Thank you, Brian. The president-elect has not yet made an announcement on that front, but I would say stay tuned.

OPERATOR: We'll take our next question from Allison Verspero (ph) of Bloomberg BNA. Please go ahead.

QUESTION: Hi. Thank you for holding this.

Can you talk about some of the vetting the Trump team does of nominees and potential nominees' tax returns?

SPICER: Hey, it's Sean, Allison.

Obviously, we have a thorough vet of all nominees and staff members. We're not going to get into the exact procedures and tactics that we use in all of them. And then obviously, the Senate Finance Committee has specific vetting requirements for candidates that go through them.

But beyond that, we're not going to get into discussions about the information that we request and the procedures that we use.

QUESTION: Do you require their tax returns though when you -- when you're considering them?

SPICER: I think my comments speak for themselves.

OPERATOR: We'll take our next question from Courtney Albon of Inside Defense. Please go ahead.

QUESTION: Hi, yes. There was a tweet this morning citing the out of control costs of the F-35 and it seems like quantity reduction would be the best way to address some of those costs. What is the administration's plan for kind of addressing with this -- this out of control cost? And is quantity reduction part of -- part of that?

MILLER: Thank you very much for the question.

I think one of the things that we've seen over the last couple of weeks in particular with the president-elect is a continued focus on keeping costs down for American taxpayers. We saw it as discussions regarding Air Force One development, we've seen it with other projects that are coming forward. I think we'll have additional information that comes forward regarding specifics on all these plans, but I think the clear message that's being sent is that the president-elect is going to fight to save taxpayers money at every turn.

And I would expect this to be wide-reaching and impact all of government as we look to come up with better deals. And I think that's another thing we're gonna continue to see is some of these deals that have been in place, we're going to look for opportunities to go back through and make sure that we're not getting -- that we're not getting taken advantage of a number of different places and we are fighting for taxpayers.

One of the key campaign promises from the presidential trail and it's good to see the president-elect holding folks' feet to the fire on this.

OPERATOR: We will take our next question from Shelby Holliday of the Wall Street Journal. Please go ahead.

QUESTION: Yes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just said he's backing the probe of Russian hacking in the election. Has President-Elect Trump been in touch with McConnell or Ryan or any other Republicans in Congress about this probe? And would he support it?

MILLER: I'm unaware (ph) of the last time that the president- elect and Leader McConnell spoke, but -- but going back to this overall narrative that's in the news right now, I think really clearly what this is is an attempt to try to delegitimize President-Elect Trump's win. That really seems to be the -- what's going on here.

And first, after the election it was the recount nonsense, then it was discussion of a popular vote, now it's anonymous, off-the- record sources with conflicting information trying to raise other issues.

But really, where we are as an incoming administration is getting ready to serve the American people and hit the ground running. That's why you see this Cabinet ahead of pace and ahead of schedule putting so many well-qualified, excellent people into position. That's why you're seeing the president-elect already starting to put down markers what he's going to do day one and in the first 100 days of this administration. And it's why you're going to see our continued focus on how we actually go and fight for the American taxpayers and make good on these campaign promises.

And that might upset some people who are bitter that their candidate lost in November, but that's not going to slow us down from focusing on going to work for the American people.

OPERATOR: We will take our final question from Ashley Tulu (ph) of CNN. Please go ahead.

QUESTION: Hey, guys.

I'm not sure I remember this correctly (ph), but when you were talking about the rest of the week, I don't believe I heard you mention the press conference that was scheduled for December 15th. Is that still happening on Thursday or Friday?

MILLER: Thank you very much for your question.

I would expect we'll have additional information on that front probably a little bit later today. I'd expect we'll have some additional information on that.

OPERATOR: There are no further questions at this time.

I will now turn the call back over to Mr. Sean Spicer and Jason Miller for closing remarks.

SPICER: Hey, guys. Thanks a lot for joining us. We'll have further updates on logistical and staff announcements as the day goes through. So stay tuned and we'll be in touch. See you tomorrow. Thank you.


MILLER: Thanks, everyone. Appreciate it.

OPERATOR: That concludes today's conference. Thank you for your participation. You may now disconnect.